“The Companion of Darkness”

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 10.10.05 AM

18th and 19th century American biographers would have prosperity believe that war fighters are perfect specimens of human beings. We are to believe that every single man who fired a gun in the name of liberty was second only to Jesus freaking Christ. I can’t yet figure out if this is done because the authors are convicted that their subjects are that great, or if they wrote such for not wanting to besmirch the dead. It would be grating if it didn’t make me outright laugh. It is classicist and monotone, and becomes dull, fast. Then every few chapters they write something like this:

“The spy is the companion of darkness. He lurks–or if he moves in the light, it is behind walls, in the shadow of trees, in the loneliness of cliffs, under the cover of hills, in the gloom of ditches, skulking with the owl, the lynx, or the Indian. Or if he enters the camp of an enemy, he insinuates himself and winds treacherously into confidence. If caught, the certain penalty is death on the gallows.”

-Charles W. Brown in Nathan Hale, the Martyr Spy 

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